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Oops – Technical Issues

We suffered through the vagaries of unintelligible error messages. I love technology! Now that we’ve resolved the technical issues that had us offline for 10 days, new material will be posted soon.

What is Behind a Site Visit?

Don’t be intimidated by or worry about a site visit. We’ve been visited a lot … 14 certifications worth! The visits have been about confirming information and they give the certifying organization an opportunity to explore and understand the business first hand.

Certification Application Rejected?

Rejection can be quite frustrating, especially when you’ve spent hours filling out forms and locating supporting documents. Here are some things that can cause a certifier to reject your application for diversity certification, in no particular order…

Authority to Transact Business

Some certification applications will clearly state that your firm must be “licensed” or “registered” to do business within their state prior to applying for certification; some even include a question asking if the firm is registered or licensed with the state. This authority to transact business is different from being a licensed professional contractor, engineer, architect, etc.

What is Diversity Certification?

Many state, federal, commercial and third party agencies have programs that are used to establish a diverse supplier base. This process is referred to as a diversity certification process. The implied goal of these programs is to create a level playing field for first, employment opportunities and subsequently, for diverse businesses in procurement processes. Government agencies …

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