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Check out the type of events they’re offering, whether they’re networking or educational, and see if any apply to your type of business or would be useful for the next stage of your business’ evolution. Continue reading

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Supplier Diversity Challenges – Registration

How many times have you registered with a government or prime vendor’s supplier diversity program? How many times have you followed up with those diversity supplier contacts? And, what or how – as one of those diverse suppliers – do you measure your net return? Continue reading

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Authority to Transact Business

Some certification applications will clearly state that your firm must be “licensed” or “registered” to do business within their state prior to applying for certification; some even include a question asking if the firm is registered or licensed with the state. This authority to transact business is different from being a licensed professional contractor, engineer, architect, etc. Continue reading

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What is Diversity Certification?

Many state, federal, commercial and third party agencies have programs that are used to establish a diverse supplier base. This process is referred to as a diversity certification process. The implied goal of these programs is to create a level playing … Continue reading

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Short History of Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity has its roots in Civil Rights legislation. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy championed civil rights working with Congress on HR 5271 that ultimately became the Civil Rights Act of 1974. Continue reading

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Welcome to Diversity Business Blog

I’ve tried a variety of search word combinations, trying to find something, anything that talked about supplier diversity from the supplier’s point of view. The best combination “diverse supplier” got over 4.5 million hits, “supplier diversity issues” got a little less than 1.1 million, while “diverse supplier certification” only got 210,000 and many of these were multiple duplicates. Even after drilling down 1253 pages, I couldn’t find a venue for the diverse supplier … just about all of the links related to the corporate, government, or certifying agency perspective on diverse suppliers, with a few training sites and a couple of companies that facilitate SBA 8(a) certification. Continue reading

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