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Size Standards Revised!

Claiming Small Business Status? It is important to know that there are sizing rules and regulations that you must use to determine whether or not your business is considered small. And, the definition of small depends on your business’s industry based on NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes. At the federal level, being classified as …

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What HR 4435 Could Mean for Small Business

Heads up owners of Small, Disadvantaged, Minority, Women, or Veteran Business Enterprise (SDMWVBE) businesses! The government-wide Federal Procurement Contract Award Goals could be changing. In late May, House Resolution No. 4435 was passed. Included in this bill are a number of provisions that could positively affect small businesses if the Senate passes the bill out …

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We’re Certified, Now What? Revisited

In speaking with newly certified  SDMWVBE (Small, Disadvantaged, Minority, Women, or Veteran Business Enterprise) business owners or those seeking certification the question “What does certification do for me?” is often asked. In most cases, just being certified does not help grow your business; it is how you’re able to market your certification and utilize programs …

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Certification Alphabet Soup (or fun with acronyms)

In the world of diversity certifications there are many acronyms, some more familiar than others. This alphabet soup contains WBE, MBE, DBE, SBE, VBE, DSBE, HUB, LGBT and that’s only half of them. Some of the abbreviations are shared by government and third-party certifiers (MBE, WBE) and others are specific to the Federal government (8(a), …

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NACIS 2012

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has updated their size standards based on a company’s NAICS codes. NAICS (pronounced NAKES) is an acronym for North American Industry Classifications System, a set of codes used to classify the type of work a business performs or product(s) they provide. The SBA uses the size standards based …

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What is SAM?

We’ve discussed the CCR (Central Contractor Registration) web site back in 2010. Early this year it was announced that the CCR, Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG), Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), Catalog of …

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Introducing the Small Biz Open Mic Forum

The U.S. House Small Business Committee has launched a new online forum — Small Biz Open Mic — to “give small business owners from all across America the ability to communicate directly with the House Small Business Committee” Rep. Sam Graves (Chairman of the Small Business Committee) stated in letter to small business owners.

Narratives – What’s Disadvantaged?

Writing a narrative about your disadvantaged status? A simple definition of disadvantaged for certification purposes is “a systematic or systemic barrier to opportunity”. Your first step is a generic statement. “I perceive I have experienced professional rejection for reasons of “… ethnic origin, disability, residence, gender, race, education, or “Other, describe”. Then, you will need to write about specific instances of bias against you and how this bias has had a negative impact on your ability to enter into or advance in business.

Small Business and the Federal Government

Because federal agencies and their primes are mandated to meet these goals – to spend 23% of their contract dollars with small business, including 5% with SDBEs and WSBEs and 3% with SDVSBEs and HUBZone businesses – there is incentive for them to work with small certified business.