Opposites Day

A group of SDMWVLGBTBE (Small Disadvantaged or Disabled, Minority, Women, Veteran, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered Business Enterprise) owners got together for lunch at Coach Monique & Associate’s office the other day.  And it was wonderful.  Amazing company, delicious food, comfortable and comforting to spend time with others who face similar business issues in such a beautiful spot.  I’m a collector of stories and love learning new words.  The Coach had a word I’d never seen displayed in the unisex bathroom – PRONOIA.  And a definition to go with it.  It is an opposite state of mind to paranoia, believing there is a conspiracy that exists to help us.

The thought occurred to us, those of us who are optimists — glass half full types — that we’ve been fortunate in our business lives, to experience pronoia. Meeting and clicking with key client contacts.  Solving critical problems. Creating new approaches. Closing big deals. Having a great day, week, month or year.  Of course, it isn’t always easy.  We’ve had to work hard, and be smart about how we spend our time.   But choosing to make the assumption that things will go well, or deciding that the universe is on our side can help us foster a belief in pronoia and our own success.

So from all of us at GetDiversityCertified.com, we hope pronoia will surround everyone.  Spreading success and prosperity throughout the SDMWVLGBTBE community, amongst our customers, vendors, co-workers, friends and those people we don’t know yet.  Happy New Year and may 2018 be your best year yet!